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Worker repairing a car.
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Worker repairing a part of a car.

Why are there large price differences between some workshops and others?

Here basically there is 3 factors to consider, which means that the budget from one workshop to another can be very different:

  • Price hour: It is one of the things in which there will be the greatest difference from one workshop to another. We can find workshops with the price around €40, and we can find official dealers with triple that price, around €120. If we give an example of a repair that takes 10 hours of work, we will be talking about €400 to €1,200. As you can see, a lot of difference. Without a doubt, something to take into account when choosing a workshop.
  • Repair or replacement: Another factor that influences the difference in prices between workshops is the criteria of the workshop expert in choosing to repair or replace a part. Materials are expensive, but labor is becoming more expensive as well, therefore, it is necessary to know the price of a part and assess the damage it has, to see if it is more convenient to repair or replace it, always that it is possible to repair it and that it is perfect. Here it is more difficult to give a clear example, but repairing a front hood with a couple of hours of sheet metal work could cost around €250-300 (it also depends on the color it is), however, replacing it could cost €500 only the piece (each model has a different cost), to which we would have to add the replacement and painting of it. As you can see, we can also find a lot of difference at this point.
  • Work carried out and materials used: We always disassemble what we consider necessary to make a good repair and paint a piece. For example, on a front door we removed mirrors and handles, on a hood we removed the ejectors, and on the bumpers we removed all the grilles and license plate. All these disassemblies take time and, therefore, a price increase in the final budget. Is it necessary to disassemble all these things to paint? In our opinion, yes, because this allows you to sand all the corners of each piece well, and you know that the paint will not lift over time, something that if you do not disassemble, it can happen to you (on the street you can see many cars that have flaking varnish along the edges or edges of a piece, usually due to poor sanding due to not having disassembled the piece that bothered to sand).
  • As to materials As far as is concerned, there are many brands of paint and many brands of attached materials. We use original sheet metal spare parts, and leading brands of both paints and accessories (primers, varnishes, sandpaper, etc.). It does not cost the same to the workshop that paints with a private label or second brands, than with a first brand.
  • At this point, the price difference It is less than it can be in the two previous points, but if we are talking about painting an entire car, it can be noticed in the price due to the disassembly or not that is carried out, and the materials used.

Debunking the myth: "the official house will do the best job for me"

Without intending to offend anyone, there are still people who believe that they will do a better job in the official house than in a multi-brand workshop, either because they are expensive, and they see it as synonymous with quality, or because being the official dealer gives them more confidence. The truth is that Maybe yes and maybe not. It all depends on who repairs your car, and who paints it.

You can go to an official house, pay a fortune for your repair, and have to take it back because it has not turned out well or they have left faults, and you can go to a multi-brand workshop and get a 5-star job for much less money. It all depends on the workshop and the staff. that has that workshop at all times.

To give an example, they have brought us vehicles repaired at the official dealer, and due to customer dissatisfaction with the repair, they have ended up coming to us to fix the mess. These things happen, and unfortunately for the client, more often than you might think.

In addition, today there are few official houses of a single brand, since most have been merging, and the same group carries several brands at the same time. This means that these groups have a lot of work, and the dealers take out to external workshops part of the work that they have and that they themselves cannot assume.

With which, many times, instead of your vehicle being repaired in the dealer's workshop, it is repaired in an external workshop arranged by the same, with the total ignorance of the client on many occasions.

Of course, these workshops must be quality and trust, and do a job just as good as the one they can do in the official house. We ourselves collaborate with official dealers doing sheet metal and paint jobs.

Worked in a paint tunnel.
Worker with overalls.
Image - "Final thoughts".


In the end, everything resides in choosing a workshop that is of your total trust, official or multi-brand, whatever. 

if they make you a good job, and that is what is important to you, you will return there whenever you need it. 

If what you are looking at is the price, you will have to look at the options and see the one that is most economical for you, taking into account that the result will surely not be the same than in another workshop where it can cost you something more, but they dedicate the necessary time to your vehicle.